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Patients requiring life support are typically cared for with an artificial airway that incorporates an air-filled cuff. Maintaining an endotracheal cuff pressure greater than 20cmH2O is a Level II recommended Ventilator Associated Pneumonia prevention strategy. Underinflation and overinflation are associated with complications such as aspiration and tracheal wall damage.

The Endotracheal and Tracheostomy Air-Filled CuffSentry™ assures that the pressure within the air-filled cuff is maintained at a pre-set value which eliminates the variability associated with the current standard of care.

The curent standard of care is to intermittently check the air-filled cuff with a pressure manaometer. However, numerous factors affect the pressure within cuffs of artificial airways resulting in variability between these intermittent checks. The stability of the Endotracheal and Tracheostomy Air-Filled CuffSentry™ allows continuous visualization of the inner-cuff's pressure which will heighten the clinician's awareness and avoid pressure fluctuation.